Advice from a Physio

I thought , since I am beginning my financial blog and also a Physiotherapist (Physical Therapist) I would provide some free Physio advice today for my viewers.

Tip 1: Back Pain – something is better than nothing

Regardless of the severity of the pain you need to get moving. I understand that someone with a slight twinge may be able to continue running whilst someone with stabbing pain and leg symptoms may only be able to deal with walking for 5-10 minutes.

Both are equally important!

Movement will not damage your body; your bones, joints and muscles are resilient. If you stay sitting or lying in bed all day you lose muscle mass and this will make it harder to get better.

Get moving as much or as little as you can. Pain is OK, listen to your body and gently challenge it.

Tip 2: Posture – slouch on

Research has revealed there is no correlation between slumped posture and pain.

If you try to sit bolt upright for 8 hours a day vs slouched for the same time you will likely be in just as much pain.

The important thing to do is change your position regularly. Stand up, go make coffee, have a gentle stretch. I meet people in my clinic who don’t get up from sitting for 2-3 hours. This is the main issue not slouching.
Your next posture is your best posture

Tip 3: Build some muscle

In this Instagram day and age we think of muscle building as six packs or steel buns.

However, strength work can be so much easier. Cardio is simply not enough unfortunately. Strength training improves our bones, muscles and can tone our bodies.

People think muscle weighs the same as fat, however this isn’t true. We are better off increasing or muscles to reduce our fat to become more healthy for the future.


We are all aiming to retire early, well then we need to be healthy to enjoy it
Strength challenge – Do once daily:

  1. 20 sit-stands
  2. 10 press ups (wall/kneeling/full)
  3. 15 step ups

Gradually increase the amount you do or just add some weight by carrying a bag of shopping or a child when doing these.

This list will only take 45 secs to do…..Smash it out

2 Replies to “Advice from a Physio”

  1. I am totally in agreement with the idea of doing a little clump of exercises like that! In fact, I have an article coming out on Monday detailing my Little Workout Program that I have been doing, which is some pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and core work done 3 or 4 times throughout the day. I also like to throw in a little bit of weightlifting in the evenings, but the bodyweight stuff is a great place to start.
    Also, interesting find concerning the posture, that seems totally counterintuitive.

    1. Hi, Sounds like you are on the right track and I am looking forward to your blog. Usually the first 4-6 weeks you will see huge gains in strength and endurance. The media publishes very dubious advice regarding healthcare. It is quite simple, stay active, get strong, eat in moderation!

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