Be flight savvy

Since moving to New Zealand we have had to take several flights to see the surrounding countries. Europe was cheap, quick and convenient to get around.

New Zealand is a lot more isolated than you would think. It is over a 3 hour flight to Sydney from Christchurch. I think the world map distorts our perception of how close countries are to each other.

Anyways, this has got me thinking of ways I can lower my (and your) travel expenses.

Use Comparison sites

I use Skyscanner to see which flight times and prices are best. 90% of flights on the site are cheaper, however I do always have a quick look on the airlines official site, just to be sure.

Pro tip: If you are booking a cheap flight with a third party, my advice is make sure the same airline is involved. Two separate airlines can result in delays and/or cancellations. This leaves you with a big struggle to catch a connecting flight.


Set up alerts

Price alerts are easy to set up. Each time your flight prices increase or decrease you will receive and email and this will allow you to pick the cheapest flights available. This is very handy as certain airlines stagger how far in advance you can book flights.


Days of the week to fly

Flying at the weekends are by far the most expensive times of the week to fly. Can you travel on midweek dates?

A handy trick is when you are searching for flights is to avoid being specific. Check the whole month tab in the calendar and you will see prices from every day of the month. Often the savings can be in excess of $200.


So there are some really easy tips and tricks on how to save money with travelling.

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