Currency exchange cards – saving me a fortune


I worked and lived in the UK between 2012 to 2015. During this time I found a really helpful credit card which allowed me to travel through Europe without worrying about transferring my Sterling to Euro.

This was always an issue prior to getting this credit card. Do I use a money exchange company, a bank, an airport travel exchange or just use my own debit card? All of these options charge extortionate rates and fees which are incomparable to the normal exchange rate which I find on

Airline currency exchanges have a particularly bad rep with this headline coming from a UK newspaper:

Airport exchange rates reach SHOCKING new lows – with some offering just 90 cents –

As a money conscious person, who would prefer to not lose out on my hard earned cash through fees and high rates, I found a helpful credit card to beat these high rates.



Benefits of this include:

  • No charge to withdraw cash outside the UK.
  • Whatever you spend abroad will be converted to Sterling at a rate set by MasterCard┬«.

The card has been compared against regular UK cash exchange companies below for converting 1000GBP to Euro (correct as of midnight last night):


The current exchange rate as of now with is:


As you can see, the price has slightly decreased so the credit card will be likely be a little lower as it is not updated by the minute. However, it is clear to see how much can be saved if you are a regular traveler even against the best offering competitors. There are several new companies producing exchange rate free credit cards to the market.

Compare this to the exchange rates provided by holiday firms or airports.thm.png


So, there you have it. Another easy way to get around travel exchange rates and fees. My own philosophy is that I do spend my money, and when I do I want to get bang for my buck. There is no point in paying for administrative fees or charges that don’t benefit me at all

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