My parents came to visit……I spent a lot of money

So my parents came over to visit me in New Zealand. This led to a huge increase in my spending.

We did a lot of travelling in New Zealand including an expensive weekend away in Wellington spending money on accommodation, eating out and activities.

Every weekend was a blowout in terms of eating  and drinking, but they did travel to the other side of the world to see me.

The expenses were further increased by my need for vaccinations for my trip to Vietnam at the end of September.

Considering my monthly wage is $3362….This month has not gone well!!

My aim is to drop this spending by 50-60% in September as my parents have now left.

My expenses are outlined below:

Expenses Cost – NZD$
Gym 7
Car 90
Phone 140
Energy 30
Invest 50
Parking 10
Rent 400
Air Bnb 138
Podcast 8
Drink 10
Social 22
Social 85
Social 139
Uber 30
Social 50
Gym 7
Website 100
Shop 6
Energy 30
Protein 95
Cinema 50
Snow Gloves 25
Petrol 108
Car 90
Gym 7
Energy 30
Invest 50
Shop 70
Rent 400
Warehouse 43
Car 80
Uber 15
Social 21
Social 22
Visa 40
Social 43
Clothes 115
Social 120
Shopping 143.54
Flight For Holiday 76
Car Registration 76
Vaccinations 220
Gym 7
Total Expenditure 3298



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  1. Yes, family expenditures can take a big bite out of the finances. In our case, we have a kid with lots of extra curricular activities, and so several times each year, there is a big expense where we have to pay for a tuition bill or a camp or some other program. But if it’s not a kid expense, it could be holiday gifts or an annual insurance bill that happens to come in July…There are always these swing expenses. I’ve used a HELOC to smooth out our cash flow. In the big spending months, that line gets used, and in better revenue months, I pay it down . It works for us because we don’t abuse it, and because we’re both entrepreneurs so our income swings as much as our expenses. But I’m glad you had some family time — that is worth more than money!

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