Why I switched to Flick Energy


I moved to New Zealand in March 2018.

Stupidly, I went from winter/spring in the UK to spring/winter in New Zealand.

New Zealand has lovely, warm summers.

New Zealand has bitterly cold winters.*

The houses in NZ are not well renowned for their central heating or insulation (this is slowly changing). NZ houses are primarily heated with “heat pumps” which are air conditioning units.

Our (my partner & I) first winter here was in a large open plan apartment with NO HEATPUMP and SINGLE GLAZED WINDOWS. We had some electric heaters to use but these were of no use and regularly we could see our breaths as we shivered.

Admittedly, this was our decision to move into this flat but we were not well informed especially after leaving the UK with their glorious (under appreciated) radiators.

We moved earlier this year to a similar sized flat with a heat pump installed.

We also moved to a different energy company called Flick Electric.

The company advertised “Join Flick between 17 May and 10 August 2018, and we guarantee you’ll save money on power with Flick until 31 August 2018. And if you don’t? We’ll pay you back.

We joined in April, and I have been very happy with the service we have received. My current bills during these cold winters are down by between 5-10% and our house is nice and toasty with a fairly active heat pump.

The app Flick have designed is also very helpful in tracking the cost of the electricity. At high peak times I receive a notification and this allows me to pause my dishwasher, washing machine or switch off my heat pump.

I really enjoy this control over my own finances. Especially, when it comes to utilities. It also measures my Co2 usage in goats……

This is one step towards reducing my overheads and having more revenue to spend on investing and saving

*relative to my experience….. This is no Siberia

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  1. I am simply amazed, how quickly you’ve transitioned into NZ lifestyle in just 6 months of you being here. Switching between different service providers is one of favorite pastimes of a NZer. My two cents on saving on utility would be to keep switching between providers every 6 months/ 1 year. Apparently it works. Also another option is to look for rentals that include electricity in their rent. I am on one such agreement. I don’t have to worry about tracking my utility bills at all. It’s all inclusive in the contract and the best part is it is well within my budget.

    1. I came over with no debt and straight into a decent paying role so that definitely helped. Yes, my previous accommodation in the UK had all utilities covered. In the UK you had to pay water, gas, electric, broadband and council tax. These are large expenses on top of rent, feel so much more comfortable with the limited bills in New Zealand

  2. Haha! I absolutely love that your energy usage measurement is in goats! I wish there was an option like that where I live, but unfortunately the utility companies here hold monopoly over their areas. Not sure exactly how this is legal, but apparently it is. I love the article, and I’m excited to hear more of your journey!

    1. Thank you captain DIY. That is a shame they aren’t as transparent where you live. It’s the smartphone age that has really improved competiton as the public have all the info at their finger tips now. Thanks for the comment

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